which encourage the reader to keep scrolling down the page. This is exactly how a mobile landing page should look. The friction generated by forcing readers to pinch and zoom to get to your content is eliminated . and they’re free to find out what you have to offer. Testing your mobile landing pages Once you’ve optimized your mobile landing pages for those four things .


 your work isn’t done.

You’ve still gotta test. Your A/B tests are an invaluable part of learning what your audience responds to because at the end of the day . they decide which version of your page is the best. But before you start A/B testing different versions of your page . make sure you do some basic user testing: Does the page work on all devices Does the page load quickly Does it work on all browsers Does it display within all break points Why is troubleshooting the technical side of things essential As Senior Conversion Optimizer Michael Aagaard said: If your variation breaks the layout and mobile users end up seeing a totally screwed up version .


 your data will be useless

and you might as well not test. What’s usa mobile numbers list  more . your tests should not stop at the conversion on the landing page. Are your visitors converting into sales further down the line Does one page seem to contribute to sales in the future more than another Ask yourself these questions regularly to help you decide on the best way forward.

phone number Data

 Killing mobile friction

As results-oriented marketers . we DLBDFY can sometimes get behind the curve on design trends . but make no mistake: mobile is not a trend. Mobile is a real and viable channel for reaching customers. Remember that if you’re sending your mobile traffic to pages that cause friction . you will lose the opportunity to convert that traffic – possibly forever.


 Take the time to understand

your customers’ needs on mobile. Prefer Stitcher We got your back. Mentioned in the podcast Don’t Bother Using Video on Your Landing Pages Unless You’re Doing These Things by Jennifer Pepper via . Click . Baby . Click! by Adobe Marketing Cloud via YouTube. Paper Anniversary Landing Page Example via .


 Drive Real Action With These Killer CTAs by Jennifer Pepper via Vidyard. Theme Music: “Gypsy Song” by the Freak Fandango Orchestra . available on the Free Music Archive . under CC by license. Read the transcript In this episode: Stephanie Saretsky chats with Felix Cha . ’s Videographer. Then . Dan Levy .


 ’s Content Strategist .

interviews Jennifer Pepper . ’s Customer Success Content Strategist. Stephanie: Hey podcast listeners . just a heads up we will be taking a break from the podcast next Wednesday . July st . due to holidays in the US and Canada. You can expect another episode to be posted on Wednesday .


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