This is known as reframing. Reframing is a wickedly effective technique. It allows you to manipulate the perceived value of a product by making comparisons and shifting the focus of your reader. Here’s an example of what reframing looks like: copywriting-reframing-example You wouldn’t rush to buy something that’s $ a year right I mean for most people .


 it’s a decent amount of change.

How about for $ a month Or $ (the price two lattes) a day Sounds much more appealing doesn’t it This landing page reframes the price of a brand new car in terms of two lattes per day ($) . which serves to soften the blow of the price and make the offer more appealing.


 Here’s another example from the singapore phone number list  CopyHour landing page: copywriting-copyhour-reframing The landing page reframes the price by comparing the total price of the course to how much it costs per day . instantly reducing the weight of the price in the prospect’s mind. Crafting seductive landing page copy doesn’t have to be painful Powerful landing page copy doesn’t have to be painful to create.

phone number Data

 Pick a couple of strong techniques

and tips . focus on the needs of DLBDFY your prospects . and you’ll be fine. Now it’s your turn. How do you go about cranking up your copy power to increase conversions What’s the weirdest conversion boost/decline you’ve had with regards to copywriting I’d love to know! -blog-cta-ebook default author image About Hassan C Download speed isn’t always the issue .


 either. Some phones just do not have the processing power to display information quickly . even after receiving it. Because we know that of users are unlikely to return to a slow-loading landing page or website . keeping that page light is key to keeping people on your page. But it’s also crucial to scoring more conversions – according to KISSmetrics .


 a one-second delay can result in

a conversion loss. You definitely don’t want that . do you Here are some tips to help you speed up your mobile landing pages load times: . Go easy on the design elements The fewer design elements you use . the faster the page can load. The information will be passed to the device faster and the phone will process it faster.


 In his article . Mobile Landing

Page Checklist for Optimizers . Craig Sullivan discusses the importance of reducing design elements: The connection of your phone to the mobile phone [tower] and then onto the internet incurs a delay. This is called latency and it adds up for every object you pull down. Two pages of Kb — one of which has objects and one of which has — will show markedly different performance to the user.



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