The biggest advantage of the LINE plug-in module is that it does not require an engineering team to develop or purchase an API in order to install the module and start using the functions; the biggest disadvantage is that currently, a LINE official account can only purchase one plug-in module. The LINE plug-in module is suitable for operators who only have a single specific ne. It can save budget and complete plug-in connection easily and quickly. However, if the nes are more diverse and advanc, it is recommend to seek the following more powerful LINE technology partner resources. 72. LINE technology partners (LINE OA manufacturers, software companies) The relatively small-scale LINE marketing software is the plug-in module introduc above. For larger software, you cannot directly purchase and complete the connection through the LINE official website.

Instead, you need to contact a technology

Partner to complete relatively complex evaluation and usage teaching. Currently, officially certifi LINE technology partners are divid into gold, silver and certifi levels from high to low. In 2023, the only gold-level technology partner of LINE OA is Crescendo Lab , while the silver-level technology partners include Ruiding Digital, Direct International, Xiangping cell phone directory philippines Interactive, Omnichat, etc. The following takes the marketing solutions provid by. Crescendo Lab as an example to illustrate the strategies and styles of cooperation between mium and large brands and LINE technology partners. 73. LINE x MAAC comprehensive marketing platform. SF MAAC (Messaging Analytics & Automation Cloud) comprehensive marketing platform provides one-stop  services to complete all CRM nes using LINE. From adding friends, shopping guides, and remarketing , to the data collection, focus marketing, automatic labeling, discount and award management , and AI priction model functions requir to complete these , everything is available.

The most convenient thing is that

All the above-mention marketing activities can be set up once using MAAC’s built-in automat marketing plan, eliminating the ne for manual work by. Marketers in the future. See MAAC’s complete features and price plans 74. LINE x CAAC conversational interactive DLBDFY platform CAAC (Conversation Analytics and Automation Cloud) is a LINE. OA conversational interaction platform specially design for enterprises, and it is also the first choice for large teams. CAAC can realize a one-stop management team, allowing brands to use one. FT LINE OA to communicate with customers in a unifi manner. Without the ne to establish different LINE OA for different stores and channels. MAAC label data can also be import into CAAC, allowing MAAC and CAAC to synergize. In order to create a customer-center personaliz experience, marketing has begun to extend to CRM, and it is also necessary to provide consumers with a consistent and good experience in sales, customer service and other aspects.


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