Patriarchate’s unconditional support for Putin’s aggression. Abroad and repression at home has led to the isolation of the. Russian Church within the world Orthodoxy and started the so-called “cold schism” between. PRC MPs and the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its supporters, Sergey Chapnin said.

The researcher at Fordham University’s

Center for Orthodox Studies said that despite Moscow’s constant provocations, the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its supporters in other ancient Orthodox churches have so far been restrained.

But Chapnin, who once worked as a publishing Telemarketing Leads for Sale official in the Moscow Patriarchate, said the situation was deteriorating and that other patriarchates might soon be ready to attack the Moscow Church more directly and turn the past “cold war” between them into a future “hot war.”

This potential for development is crucial because

ROC MPs are not the entire church” in the Russian Federation, Chapnin continued. “There are also Orthodox communities who DLBDFY are officially part of the church but ideologically opposed to it. They are small, but they persist and everyone hopes that the future belongs to them.”

That’s because the ROC Congress

Emerged as an ideological apparatus of a totalitarian state that would be of no use to anyone after the regime’s collapse.” Whether it will find the strength to change, or simply break apart and be replaced by other states, remains to be seen. The leaders of the ROC Congress may work to preserve the status quo, but they are not the only players.

But unfortunately, “there is no magic wand,” and until Putin steps down, “and probably until Patriarch Kirill dies, it will be impossible for the (RCC) to make any reforms.” But the Ecumenical Patriarch’s move could lead to an Orthodox Church in Russia that is closer to the Christian tradition.


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