Think your customer’s journey is finished once they checkout? Ecommerce stores know that’s just the beginning.

With rising customer acquisition costs and steep competition for brand loyalty, smart sellers focus on high ROI strategies that increase your AOV (average order value) of their customers’ carts.

Real quick, here’s how post-purchase offers deliver high ROI and rocket AOV:

No additional marketing investment or ad spend

Offers never “backfire” or impact the initial checkout
Offers are hyper-relevant and lead to a higher likelihood of customers accepting the offers and returning to your store (and boosting LTV)!
The kicker? Shopify merchants using CartHook Post Purchase Offers see a 10% increase in their total revenue. Traditional marketing methods can’t compete.

Ready to add post-purchase offers to your china whatsapp number list Shopify store? But first, take a look at this article on how to get your first sale on Shopify.

Boost your AOV in 5 steps:
Step 1: What a post-purchase offer is and how it boosts AOV

First, let’s get on the same page.

Post-purchase offers are an upsell or cross-sell that appears after checkout and before the thank you page. This timing is a sweet spot! Customers are presented with an offer directly after checking out when they’re feeling most euphoric.

Customers can then accept

Or decline with one click (there’s no need to re-enter shipping or billing info). Easy peasy.

One of the biggest advantages of this sweet spot timing? Offers are presented after checkout, so there’s zero risk of cart abandonment. The initial order is already complete!

Post-purchase offers are triggered by what your customer just purchased, allowing them to be highly relevant. Say your customer just purchased toothpaste. You could choose to offer an accessory product, like a travel case or mouthwash.

The offer is a truly exclusive one-time deal and is DLBDFY  only available to current customers who just made a purchase.

Past customers have a 27% chance of converting to repeat customers. A post-purchase mix of email automation, SMS, and upsells build a strategic flow to realize that conversion. Learn more about how to build credibility with customers using email marketing in this Shopify case study.


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