When Rebecca Grandison’s nine-year-old son, Wilf, came home from school, no one collapsed on the couch and turned on the TV. Instead, he had a tough session. He immediately changed his clothes, carefully washed his face, and smeared Vaseline inside his nostrils. Then he closed all the windows and checked Wilf’s oxygen level.

Wilf lives in the Cheshire countryside with Rebecca

Anthony and sister Constance, 11. Wilf has a severe allergy to pollen and the family must protect him from pollen residues between April and September when pollen concentrations are highest, otherwise he could become seriously ill.

Five years ago, Wilf had his first pollen-induced B2B Lead Generation Telemarketing asthma attack, which was. So severe he was misdiagnosed as sepsis in hospital. It wasn’t until further tests that. A respiratory consultant pointed out he was actually having. A life-threatening asthma attack, Rebecca said. Up until then, he had never thought there was anything serious wrong with his asthma.

“Asthma runs on both sides of the family

But it’s nothing like what happened with Wilf,” she explains. “There were a few times we almost lost him and we had to be on high alert all the time. He has so many triggers and everything can change in a split second.”

Wilf had his first serious asthma attack aged four, triggered by pollen from an oak tree he was playing with in the family garden. A recent DLBDFY survey by charity Asthma + Lung UK revealed that nearly half (48%) of asthma sufferers surveyed found their symptoms were triggered by pollen.

“If pollen is a trigger for you

It’s important that you take your preventer inhaler as prescribed and start taking an antihistamine four weeks before symptoms start, this will usually give you the best protection,” advises Dr Andy Whitmore, a practicing GP and clinical lead for Asthma + Lung UK.

“It’s vital to carry a reliever inhaler with you, especially when pollen levels are high. You should also check pollen counts every day to find out which types of pollen aggravate your asthma, as tree, grass and weed pollen can all be high at different times.”



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