Desire. After arousing your prospects interest . here’s where you pump up his desire for what you’re selling. Usually with a bullet point list that describes all the juicy benefits of your product/service. Action. After your reader is blown away with the amazing benefits your product . you then invite him/her to take action.


 Usually to make an order

or fill in a form. Here’s an example of the AIDA formula in action from the landing page. Attention copywriting-webprofits The headline is curious and grabs the reader’s attention by suggesting that the SEO game has changed. Interest Once the page catches the reader’s attention . it cultivates interest with paragraphs which explain how SEO has changed (next to the laptop).


 Desire After that . it arouses the  phone number databases prospect’s desire by describing the benefits of the product. copywriting-webprofits-benefits Action It finally closes with the “Get Free Analysis Now” call to action. copywriting-webprofits-free-analysis Following the AIDA formula inserts a smooth compelling flow into your copy and keeps readers glued to your sales message. . Harness the power of reframing to shoot up perceived value A study by psychologists Davis and Knowles showed the shocking persuasive power of a technique called reframing.

phone number Data

 In the study . they went

door to door and sold note cards DLBDFY for charity. In the first pitch . they said that it was $ for cards. They made sales at of households. In their second pitch . they told people that it was pennies for cards . which was followed up by .


 “which is a bargain .” resulting in of the households buying cards. This tiny change in the pitch had a huge effect on results . but how and why was it so influential Here’s what happens: When people are told the cost of the cards is pennies instead of dollars . their routine thought process is disrupted.


 Now . while they’re distracted

trying to process the odd sounding “ pennies” and why anyone would use pennies instead of dollars… They’re immediately told that it’s a “bargain.” And because pennies sound so easy to spend in comparison to hard-earned dollars . they are more likely to accept the suggestion that the cards are a bargain.


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